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Ocean Hunter Draft
*This is only a draft so I can get a feel for what I can add and remove.  Plus, it sounds like a fun project like my RWBY fan fics*
    Allow me to introduce myself as I believe it is time for my story to be told.  I am James Carridean, son of Franklin and Beverly and brother of Nathaniel.  For a time, the four of us lived happily in a small shipping town.  My father would be gone for months at a time but when he returned, Nathaniel and I would always long for the stories he would tell us; stories of how he would slay the mightiest of whales, bringing many thousands of barrels of oil to our town, ensuring that the light would cast away the darkness.  While he was away, my mother made sure that Nathaniel and I would get a proper education.  While he would specialize in engineering, I took part in biology, studying life so I could understand it.  We became the top of our class and very well respected.  One day, while waiting for our
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Favorite Pokemon of Each Type by JW-Gojifan Favorite Pokemon of Each Type :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 2 2 Wp 20140213 007 by JW-Gojifan Wp 20140213 007 :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 0 6 Mystery Bunch by JW-Gojifan Mystery Bunch :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 2 7 Team DRGN Portrait by JW-Gojifan Team DRGN Portrait :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 1 0 Legendary Godzilla by JW-Gojifan Legendary Godzilla :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 4 3 Level 40 Nundasuchus by JW-Gojifan Level 40 Nundasuchus :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 2 0 Level 40 Pteranodon by JW-Gojifan Level 40 Pteranodon :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 1 0 Level 40 Icthyostega by JW-Gojifan Level 40 Icthyostega :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 1 0 Nurse Nora by JW-Gojifan Nurse Nora :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 1 2
DRGN Beach Trip
Drake stood across from his rival.  He gave a very cocky smile, almost foreseeing victory.  He then let out a smug laugh as he spoke, “It’s go time Graham!  Gimme your best shot!”
Graham was not phased by Drake’s cockiness and replied, “Your cockiness is gonna make you slip up.  No tears when it’s over.”
“In your dreams buddy!”
Nirveli and Raamiah were spectating their teammates match with the latter watching with anticipation while the former just kept filing her nails, occasionally looking up to see what was happening.  It was as if Vacuo’s Dragon Empress could not be impressed by anything whatsoever.
“Oh man,” gasped Raamiah, “This is gonna be SO epic!”
“Oh please,” replied Nirveli, “If you could see how pointless this is, you’d be feeling the exact same as me.”
Raamiah wasn’t listening as Drake made the first move.  He lunged at his o
:iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 1 4
Rajastega level 1 by JW-Gojifan Rajastega level 1 :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 0 3 Untitled by JW-Gojifan Untitled :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 0 0 Untitled by JW-Gojifan Untitled :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 0 0 Crustaceous Rex vs Titanosaurus by JW-Gojifan Crustaceous Rex vs Titanosaurus :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 2 0 Dr. Strange vs Dr. Fate by JW-Gojifan Dr. Strange vs Dr. Fate :iconjw-gojifan:JW-Gojifan 4 14


SPOILER - Marshadow by DevilDman SPOILER - Marshadow :icondevildman:DevilDman 137 34 Marshadow by Almoprs Marshadow :iconalmoprs:Almoprs 55 6 Marshadow by Zipo-Chan Marshadow :iconzipo-chan:Zipo-Chan 77 3 Magearna by iSuisei Magearna :iconisuisei:iSuisei 44 2 Beach PARTEH by InsertSomthinAwesome Beach PARTEH :iconinsertsomthinawesome:InsertSomthinAwesome 277 60 MM! AU: Team RWBY, 2nd great War by Soundwave3591 MM! AU: Team RWBY, 2nd great War :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 96 28 UB - Wise by thegreyzen UB - Wise :iconthegreyzen:thegreyzen 273 37 Raichu (championship arena) by Yaoi-N0-Marik Raichu (championship arena) :iconyaoi-n0-marik:Yaoi-N0-Marik 89 23 Mewtwo by DarkrexS Mewtwo :icondarkrexs:DarkrexS 93 17 (FanArt) Marshadow by DNPinotti123 (FanArt) Marshadow :icondnpinotti123:DNPinotti123 38 1 Pokemon 20th Anniversary- Meloetta by Sol-Lar-Bink Pokemon 20th Anniversary- Meloetta :iconsol-lar-bink:Sol-Lar-Bink 241 24 Marshadow by Popokino Marshadow :iconpopokino:Popokino 109 6 Artificial Sharptooth by Poharex Artificial Sharptooth :iconpoharex:Poharex 60 20 Volume 5 RWBY feat Jeff and Casey Williams by fkim90 Volume 5 RWBY feat Jeff and Casey Williams :iconfkim90:fkim90 91 3 Where's Your Savior NOW? by CraigTheCrocodile Where's Your Savior NOW? :iconcraigthecrocodile:CraigTheCrocodile 70 22 gomora by Inosuke-0101 gomora :iconinosuke-0101:Inosuke-0101 54 5


Monster Journals

Want some informative narratives on famous and non-famous monsters from movies and shows? Then look no further with JaketheDino's Monster Journals. These are accurate and informative journals detailing events with your favorite monsters. No copyright infringement is intended as none of the images used, belong to me. They're are strictly for informative purposes. Enjoy


Hey guys.  So I've been wondering if I should start asking around if someone is interested in taking requests.  I'm only bringing this up because I've seen a lot of good Pokemon fan art regarding the teams used.  Now I won't ask for a team for every game I've played (which is only 3), but I'd like to ask if someone is interested in taking a request for making my Ultra Sun team.  I just need to know how to pay.
I told you that I'd post my thoughts.  Anyways, I finally got to see the episode premiere in theaters and I thought it was very interesting.  Now be warned, if you have not seen the episode yet, please wait, then read. 

So we are with Team RNJR and Qrow who is showing them a great view of Mistral and I've gotta say, that place looks gorgeous (that is if you are on a higher level).  Yes, apparently the higher up (literally) in Mistral you are, the more better off, not to mention safer you will be as Mistral does deal in black market dealing (WoR lessons from Qrow).  Well anyway we finally get to meet Leonardo Lionheart and I like his overall design and I'm pretty sure as everyone suspected, he does seem a bit hesitant unless the Mistral Council does something (perfectly complimenting the Cowardly Lion I might add).  We also find out from Qrow several major things:

1. He knows were Raven and the Spring Maiden are.
2. The Spring Maiden could not handle the responsibility so she ran away which was 10 years ago.  More than enough time to hone her skills, especially with Raven.
3. Specific Maidens can open a vault of some kind to a specific relic.

Because of this, we know that the Fall Maiden (Cinder) can now access the relic of Choice but the Spring Maiden can access the relic of Knowledge.  No wonder Salem was wanting her next and why Qrow was so fixated on finding her through Raven.

However, as with all things usual, after everyone leaves, we know that Watts is keeping tabs on Leo, probably so that he doesn't have second thoughts.  I'm seriously wondering where this is going to go.  I'm on the side of good and I always want the good guys to succeed.

As with the previous Volume, there are segments of the rest of the characters stories.  Weiss is still on the cargo ship which has almost made it to Mistral but she and the pilot overhear a distress call and Weiss is afraid the person who called could die but the pilot, not wanting to be caught just tells her that if he could get the signal, someone else also got it, leaving Weiss to do nothing but be concerned.

As for Blake's side of the story, it seems she, her family and Sun did take up Illia's scroll and report it but Corsec and Fennic put the all blame on her (Illia).  Now it did lead to a pretty funny moment  where Sun and Ghira seemed to finally agree on something for once, even though Ghira really doesn't like Sun.  However it makes me sad seeing old friends become the worst of enemies.  Now Blake is headstrong and Illia knows that and she knows Blake will not give up without a fight.  Makes me wonder where this arc will go.

Now onto Yang.  I had no idea that Remnant had gas stations outside the Kingdoms.  Plus I along with the theater laughed out loud when the store owner asked Yang if she was old enough to drink (Apparently he didn't see the Yellow trailer).  However, my favorite moment from the entire episode was when some dude started hitting on Yang, saying she didn't look like a Huntress and that she was "just right" (heh heh heh).  He made a BIG mistake when reaching for her hair though; cost him one of his teeth.  I'm not joking, Yang hit this guy so hard, not only did one of his teeth fly out of his mouth but he bounced several times and landed outside of the station.  However this guy knows Yang is looking for her mother; probably overheard the name.  Now last volume, it looked like Yang was going to Mistral but now it looks like she's going to confront her mother.  That is going to be one heck of a reunion.

As for the last bit, after Qrow told RNJR to get back to the house, he went out for a drink and meets Oscar (I did not see that coming. What I mean is that the Vol. 4 post credit scene was actually a clip into Vol. 5).  My second favorite part of the episode involved the last scene in which the teams meets Oscar who asks for Ruby and Qrow is drunk off his butt saying, "HAH! I FOUND HIM!!" (the whole theater laughed hard, including me.)  Plus Ruby had an adorably funny moment: she walks out saying, "What's going on out here!?! Can't a girl read her comic books in peace!?!"  That had me holding my stomach with laughter. 

Volume 5 is off to a great start.  Maybe people's complaints on volume 4 can finally be nullified with a new volume and new adventures.  I just hope hings don't go wrong like in volume 3.
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So I'm thinking about buying the digital version of Pokemon Gold (Mainly so I can get a Celebi but also try something different).  I figure that before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are released, I should try my hand at a bit of old school games.  Seeing as I beat Super Mario 2 and 3 on SNES a few weeks ago, I'm feeling more old-school than ever.  Not only will I pick the team for Gold, but I'll also try potential teams for the games mentioned in my last journal.  let me know what you think.  Now keep in mind that these are potential champion teams as I will add to my Champion Journal once I complete more Pokemon games.

1. Feraligatr by CreepyJellyfish
2. Scizor by CreepyJellyfish

3. Houndoom (male) by pokemon3dsprites
4. Skarmory by pokemon3dsprites
5. Piloswine by pokemon3dsprites
6. Crobat by pokemon3dsprites

1.  Torterra by pokemon3dsprites
2.  Yanmega by pokemon3dsprites
3.  Garchomp (male) by pokemon3dsprites
4.  Bronzong by pokemon3dsprites
5.  Magnezone by pokemon3dsprites
6.  Magmortar by pokemon3dsprites

1.  Samurott by pokemon3dsprites
2.  Escavalier by pokemon3dsprites
3.  Ferrothorn by pokemon3dsprites
4.  Chandelure by pokemon3dsprites
5.  Beheeyem by pokemon3dsprites
6.  Haxorus by pokemon3dsprites
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Anybody remember a time when clowns were considered funny?  Things seemed to go well until Stephen King came along and scared so many readers with his novel, IT.  Then the TV mini series came along and yet more people were scared.  I watched the mini series and I wasn't scared at all.  Instead I was laughing at the clown and nearly falling asleep at the flashbacks.  Then, earlier this year, I found the trailer for the film and it peaked my interest.  Funny thing is, I bought tickets to take me and my mother but my sister elected to go despite being terrified of clowns (Seeing the mini series at age 6 didn't help much).  I thought she was out of her mind, but then I thought she'd go to face her fear; a good theme the book portrays.

Stephen King's It (2017) - Poster # 1 by CAMW1N

After leaving the theater, I am STILL not afraid of clowns.  In fact, the film was so much better than the mini series.  It had horror when it needed it and had humor to balance it out. Two of my favorite scenes included Georgie and Pennywise meeting (Handled SO MUCH better here than in the 90's) and the projector scene, which nearly made me jump out of my skin (makes the picture scene in the original so stupid in comparison).  Another element that was handled well was Pennywise himself.  Now I do find Tim Curry's portrayal entertaining and the best part of the original, but he wasn't scary.  With this remake, Bill Skargsgard blows him out of the water.  You see the clown change shape, he's scary and unnerving, not to mention unnatural.  If there was a way to make people afraid of clowns, THIS is the reason why.  The Losers Club was also handled well as each faced their own dilemmas but sadly, Bill and Beverly do tend to hog the spotlight a little bit.

Now while it was a good remake, it did have its share of problems.  Some of the CGI looked a little too fake, the horror element was there but felt a bit predictable (What I mean is, if you've seen enough horror films, you begin to see a pattern), and I feel like there were too many F-bombs.  Now I have no problem with swearing in film as I know people who say those things when they do get scared but I feel that in order to get the R rating, the producers add too many F-bombs; It's a pet peeve of mine.

ANYWAY, this is another example of a decent remake.  It does stick to the original but has enough new elements to keep you interested.  If you want to test to see if you are not scared of clowns, this is it (No pun intended).  If you didn't like Dark Tower, this may change your mind.  If you give it a watch, YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!

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Not sure if this counts as an interesting thought or not but I think it's interesting enough to be addressed.  Ever since completing my Pokemon games, I got to thinking, What would the Kaiju be if they were Pokemon?  I mean, what kind of types would each kaiju be depending on their appearance and abilities?  Let me know what you think.  Also, the images shown are not mine, just used for clarification.  I'll also put them into groups if they're Legendaries or Mythicals.
PS. I won't put down EVERY SINGLE Kaiju, just a few.


Godzilla, King of the Monsters by SolGravionMegazord

Kong by zalgo529

Gamera Fire Punch by JW-Gojifan

Destruction Trio

King Ghidorah sketch by redtiger243

 Destoroyah Portrait by TheDragonofDoom

King of the Spacemonsters by TGoperator


Hatch by LemonxChanh

Godzilla KOM Issue 7 cover by KaijuSamurai

Gigan collaboration with Dopepope by Digiwip

Showa Portrait - Megalon by Apocalotaurus

zTITANOSAURUS showa head close up by dopepope

zRodan full KeyShot render by dopepopeGodzilla KOM Issue 2 alt cover by KaijuSamurai
Fire/Flying (Fire Rodan)
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Okay, so over two months ago, I bought the games Alpha Sapphire, Sun and I'm currently playing Pokemon Y.  I cannot believe I missed out on these games but be assured I will be getting more of them, including White, Platinum and Ultra Sun.  However, since I  have completed the main story of Alpha Sapphire and Sun, I'd like to share my teams with you. Enjoy.  Also, if you want to, show me the teams that carried you to victory.  I'd love to see them.

Alpha Sapphire:

1. Blaziken by CreepyJellyfish (Nickname: Quetzalcoatl)
2. Electrode by CreepyJellyfish (Nickname: Electro)
3. Armaldo by pokemon3dsprites (Nickname: Scorpio)
4. Crawdaunt by pokemon3dsprites (Nickname: Ebirah)
5. Flygon by pokemon3dsprites(Nickname: Trixie)
6. Seviper by pokemon3dsprites (Nickname: Kaa)


1. Decidueye by alolan-sprites
2. Vikavolt by alolan-sprites
3. Crabominable by alolan-sprites (Nickname: Tamatoa)
4. Palossand by alolan-sprites
5. Turtonator by alolan-sprites (Nickname: Gamera)
6. Lycanroc - Midnight Form by alolan-sprites (Nickname: Sheila)


1. Greninja by pokemon3dsprites(Nickname: Frogger)
2. Charizard by pokemon3dsprites(Nickname: Heatblast)
3. Aegislash (shield) by pokemon3dsprites(Nickname: Excalibur)
4. Tyrantrum by pokemon3dsprites(Nickname: Rex)
5. Avalugg by pokemon3dsprites (Nickname: Sub-Zero)
6. Drapion by CreepyJellyfish (Nickname: Scorpanok)
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Okay, the Legion journal is a success. Now I will give the other three that were voted for a chance. Who shall be next? 

5 deviants said Jet Jaguar
5 deviants said Cyber Zilla
1 deviant said Barugon


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